Transgender Experiences - Information and Support

This leaflet has been produced to help trans people and their families understand about the experiences of trans people, their rights and their choices.  It also helps healthcare staff to understand about their role when caring for trans people.

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A guide to hormone therapy for trans people.

This publication helps you understand and answer some of your questions about hormone treatment.  There is straightforward information about the benefits of hormone therapy, the risks and the side effects.

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Trans people’s health

This publication discusses social attitudes to trans people, the different terms used and health care requirements.  The access and barriers to health care are considered together with the personal experiences of trans people.  The document ends with relevant legislation, links and resources.

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Trans:  A practical guide for the NHS.  

Designed to support NHS Managers fulfil their responsibilities under the Gender Equality Duty.  

The publication includes a detailed explanation about trans people and how people should relate to them.

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A guide to trans service users’ rights.

This publication from the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, explains the rights when accessing services within the NHS.  It includes the law, funding processes, waiting times and how to appeal or complain about a decision.  It also includes the law relating to family, social and work situations and how this impacts on your general wellbeing.

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Guidance for GPs, other clinicians and health professionals in the care of gender variant people.

Provides an overview of trans care that is particularly applicable to GPs.  It provides an example framework of good practice allowing for the wide variety of needs from trans people and is flexible in its clinical response to those needs.

The publication also covers family, social and employment issues that are relevant to GPs and other health professionals.

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The Department of Health


The Department of Health for England publishes several information leaflets for trans people. These are available to download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf).



A guide to lower surgery for trans women


This publication from the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, provides information about the various options for genital surgery for trans women.  The aim of such surgery is to improve the lives of trans women, both psychologically and physically, by achieving a closer match between their genital appearance, their sexual function, and their self identification as women. It is a guide to what can be achieved through surgery.


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